Info for crews

Info for crews

Arrivals to LKHK Airport - Hradec Kralove:

CIAF 2019 arrivals and departures from 30.8 - 1.9 2019

From 06:00 UTC - 18.00 UTC, flight plan must be submitted, 5 minutes before entering ATZ LKHK it is necessary to contact KRAL INFO 122,005 and follow instructions.

The landing will preferably be on grass path 15 P / 33 / L.

All according to the instructions of the dispatcher AFIS LKHK.

Attention !! 

Need to count on holding for the air situation in the range of 10-20 minutes.

If necessary, contact CIAF Flight Director 2019 at +420792408717.


Informations about LKHK and LKPD


Questionnaire for crews - CIAF 2018

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CIAF 2019

CIAF is traditional air show in the Czech Republic, which has been held since 1993.

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